Important Update...

Blizzard has decided to restrict chat gateway bots to three channels only: Blizzard Tech Support, Open Tech Support and Public Chat * (where * can be any single word). Bots cannot go anywhere except there as of now.

Unfortunately the source-code to the latest few versions of SubBot was lost because of a HD failure and a lost CD :-( Therefore don't expect any updates in the forseeable future. SubBot might some day be back in a lot more powerful form, but I wouldn't hold my breath...

- SubSpace

What is...

SubBot is a channel moderating bot for designed to also be used as a chatclient while it ops the channel if needed. Channel moderation is currently not possible since Blizzard banned bots from most channels, but you can still chat with it in certain channels and use it to monitor who's online. Version 1.60 beta is available for download. Some screenshots are available on the screenshots section.

Latest version: 1.60 beta

Most of the commands and functionality are similar to Winters Bot, since this is one of the most popular and best bots currently around. Some people find the lack of an interface a drawback, so I started writing my own bot, with this as the result.

SubBot has a built-in scripting language which makes it very flexible and customizable. I've started a script library on this page so you can download scripts made by others.

News ...

I've released a beta of 1.60 which adds support for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Please note: this version does not change anything about the channel limitation that Blizzard created.

Some useless statistics on the bot:

Version Source lines Source bytes Source files
1.00 beta 5 33,666 821,171 169
1.00 37,669 925,156 193
1.50 47,490 1,161,329 235
1.55 47,816 1,165,803 235
1.60 beta 50,263 1,220,410 251

System requirements...

One of the following Operating Systems is required to run SubBot:


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