To update SubBot to the latest version, shut down your bot if it's currently running. Then unpack the new zip file to your SubBot directory, overwriting any files except your SubBot.ini file.


SubBot 1.60 beta Fixes a lot of problems in 1.55 and adds support for Lord of Destruction. Documentation is not up to date and not everything is extensively tested though
SubBot 1.55 (final) Fixes some bugs in 1.50 and adds some scripting and userbase functionality as well

Other downloads...

ws2setup.exe (963 kB) Winsock2 update, required for Windows 95 users that don't have Winsock2 already installed.
hhupd.exe (715 kB) HTML Help 1.3 Update, may be required to run on some systems Source code for a basic bot made by Blizzard. For MS Visual C++ 5.0 but can also be made to compile under other C++ compilers (36 kB) Same source code as above, but slightly modified by me to output activity to your screen. MS Visual C++ 6.0 project file. TopazChat 4.20c: A chat client with nice interface for Also has some channel operating features.