Over here you'll find various bot related links. I've categorized them a little. If you have any suggestions on links I should add e-mail me at

Other bots...
Winters Bot (by Robocop)
Winters Bot, probably the best console based bot
Hades (by Paladijn)
Another bot project of a friend, it has a graphical user interface and is written in Delphi
StormShield Bot
A graphical bot in Visual BASIC 6 with a lot of features
A bot that is customizable using TCL
Bot development... Bot Development GX Message Board
A forum on bot development, intended for people programming their own bot.
Bots R' Us
A bot archive and a forum on bots.
Free Standard Game Server (FSGS)
A mostly compatible server I use for local testing.
Misc links...
SubSpace's Homepage
My personal homepage, containing some personal info on me as well as links to all my other pages.
SubSpace's Diablo Page
My Diablo page, home of the webring and AGD ICQ list. Also has a online Diablo item checker and some other stuff:)