Your bot ~FP~Kamakazie Tuesday, August 31, 1999

Hey i am reading all the docs you you out on this site and just from the docs make me wants this bot badly. I cant wait for this bot to come out and to start programming in some cool script just like SaneBot. The script feture is the most wanted thing i have ever wanted. Sanebot came out with it but it is hard do to it in TCL a whole different language and it doesnt have a lot of option. I was wondering if you are goin to have a function for when someone joins the channel or leaves because i often miss people when i go in to a game and i like to be informed when someone joins and leaves. Any ways cant wait for the bot to go public and hope it doesnt crash and burn but i think it wont. And um will it ping servers to see which is the best because that woukld be very usefull in stead of going through each server just to find the best one.

And the "drag" guy means like will it be able to get like 5 bots on at once or other wise

Re: Your bot SubSpace Monday, September 6, 1999


I know scripting is pretty cool, but I think SaneBot's scripting is better than mine:) Bah just pasted in TCL as a language, I'm writing my own. It's pretty slow work and not exactly my dayly job. Actually it's more like an experiment.

Currently you can run a script on Join, but not on Leave. It doesn't ping servers yet, maybe later. Pinging bnet servers isn't very reliable anyway.

About bringing 5 bots at once: In the background there's support for more than one 'session' at a time, and sessions can share the same database. I'm not putting it in (yet) tho. First of all, the only was to connect multiple chat clients is by using SOCKS proxies. Second, it would make my bot one of the best war bots around, I'm not interested in creating the best war bot;)