Sheep (baaaa) Liquor Friday, November 12, 1999

When you say users, i think of like the mindless masses, i am just asking becuase if there is something my bot can do i want to try it out, I have no intention of redistributing your bot with beta commands or passing it out to any bum i can trade it off to. It's ok to be secretive about commands if you think they will seriously hurt me, my family, my machine, or someones elses machine, freeezing up and restarting isnt a big deal to me, ive had to do it 3 times a day anyway since i got this Diamond Speedstar A90 and im not even home 9 hrs out of the day :(
>You can always just e-mail me at my email address,
>Even though i am a USER of your bot im not going to be a sheep, i want to know >all the cool little tricks, Latz