HELP ME, this script wont work!!! Kevin Saturday, February 19, 2000

var c = paramWord(2) whisper(paramWord(2) + " messages to " + paramWord(1) +" being sent.", getName(), 4) while (c = 0) {

whisper("ANNOY MODE ACTIVATED!", paramWord(1), 4)

c=c-1 }

whisper(paramWord(2) + " messages to " + paramWord(1) +" sent.", getName(), 4)

OK so what happens is that you whisper a command like /w bot annoy username 4 4 being the number of mesages to send please tell me why its not working

Re: HELP ME, this script wont work!!! SubSpace Saturday, February 19, 2000


One problem is that paramWord(2) is a text and you're trying to use it as a number. use

var c = eval(paramWord(2))

to convert it to a number. eval also supports calculations and evaluations tho, I will add a seperate parseInt routine soon.

One other thing is that you need to use

while (c > 0)

curly braces should be on a seperate line...