Frequently Asked Questions...

I will list the most frequently asked questions and their answers here for you people to find your answers sooner and decrease the load on my mail box:)

General Questions...
Q: When will the bot be released?
A: The final will be released when everything is working properly to my knowledge and I'm done adding features to it. It's getting pretty close, so there is a public beta available.
Q: Can I get a beta version?
A: The project went public beta the 13th of September 1999, so yes, you can download it from this site..
Q: Why are you writing this thing anyway?
  • Most bots suck in one way or another IMNSHO
  • SilverRaven said the Winters interface 'sucks sh*t' :)
  • People asked for certain features on a bot which none of them I know of can do up to date
  • I wanted to learn MS Visual C++ better
  • I like writing programs:)
  • I don't have a life :-P
Q: Will there be a UNIX / Linux / <insert OS here> version?
A: No
Q: Will you give me the source code so I can do a port?
A: No, because it would be hell to port it anyway
Q: Will you give me the source so I can do a translation? Will you do a translation?
A: Not at this point, maybe later
Q: Why the crappy name?
A: It's named after myself (SubSpace) because I lacked inspiration at the time:)
Q: I love this thing, where can I send the paycheck?
A: No, no one actually asked me this:) Just checking if you're still awake. However, if you feel the need to support a poor student you can always mail me for details <G>
Technical Questions...
Q: I get an error saying I'm missing WS2_32.DLL, what's wrong?
A: You don't have version 2 of Winsock installed, there is an update for Windows 95 in the download section, or you can get the latest version yourself at
Some people have had trouble updating to Winsock2 if they didn't update their Dial-up Networking first. The latest version for Windows 95 is 1.3, and it's also available from
Q: I get a dialog saying 'Cannot read userbase file version x' ?
A: The user database you're using was created using a newer release of SubBot and is incompatible with the version you're currently using. You will have to use the newer version to be able to read the database. If you didn't revert back to an older version, the database somehow got corrupted. In that case, please e-mail me with any details on what happened.