When Blizzard released Diablo a few years ago they created a online gaming network called where people could play together easily. Nowadays, you can play Diablo, Starcraft, and Warcraft II edition and Diablo II on

While it was mainly meant as a gaming network, people chat there while looking for a game or just for fun. Clans, guilds and friends have formed private channels which created a need for bots that could keep an eye on the channel to kick out unwanted people and be of assistance to channel regulars. That's why several people have created their own bots with various features, among those are Winters, WoLF, BNX and of course SubBot :)

Problems... has several problems inherant to it's design which complicate keeping a channel safe:

To aid people in keeping their private channels safe, Blizzard has created the possibility of clan channels. If you log into using MyName, you will always have ops in the private channel "Clan MyName". In a clan channel it's also possible to have more than one operator if the channel owner resigns. In non-split situations, there is still a maximum of 2.


Most commands are IRC like, here's a list:

General commands:
/join <channel> Joins a channel other that the channel you start in. (also: /channel)
/rejoin Rejoins a channel in order to hand ops to someone else. (also: /resign)
/msg <nick> Whisper a person somewhere on (also: /w, /m, /whisper)
/squelch <nick> Mutes a person. You can't mute channel operators. (also: /ignore)
/unsquelch <nick> Unmutes a person. (also: /unignore)
/whois <nick|#> Allows you to see if a certain person logged in and where they are. Also provides you with their account number if they're logged in with Diablo or Starcraft (also: /whereis, /where)
/who [channel] See who is in a channel, if none is provided the current channel is listed.
/stats [nick] [product code] View game statistics for yourself or someone else. Valid product codes include: STAR (Starcraft), SEXP (Broodwar), W2BN (Warcraft II: Edition).
Operator commands:
/designate <nick> Chooses your successor when you leave as channel operator, otherwise the next person who joined after you is chosen.
/kick <nick> [reason] Kicks a person out of the channel as a warning, they can return at their leasure.
/ban <nick> [reason] Bans a person from the channel until they are unbanned or the channel becomes empty.
/unban <nick> Allows that person to join the channel again